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"From hosting television shows, acting on stage and film, singing in bands and recording award winning albums, to voicing animated series & cartoons, films and commercials - even bringing to life the Sydney Olympic Mascot "Millie the Echidna", Paula's versatility has paved the way to a fulfilling career across the globe. She's just about done it all and now she's available to do it for you .... Paula Morrell - Singer - Actor - Voice Artist & Presenter based in Australia...."

2014 .... It's hard to believe how fast time seems to fly. Navigating the challenging financial times over the past few years has been a challenge but amongst the carnage, there have still been some fabulous projects rise to the top such as Channel 9's "The Voice" the still ever so slick Masterchef on Network 10 and the food theme leading the way on 7 with MKR!!

It appears the nation's somewhat insatiable desire for all things "food - glorious - food, is yet to wane.

What's Paula been up to? Starring in a new 26 episode animation - more info when we're allowed! She narrated the Hi-Five Movie "Some Kind of Wonderful"- turned Japanese singing for the Fantastic Rice Crackers Campaign - had a blast from the past singing up a "Summer Loving" storm for Aeroguard and rolled back time for iconic Aussie brand "Floaties" plus many more interesting and varied projects. All lots of fun to replace 3 years of working on "Raggs" - the Southern Star Children's series that had Paula channelling her inner child, playing the title role of "Razzles" in the all singing all dancing "Raggs Kids Club Band". May 2014 be a happy, creative & successful time for all!

American Cartoons for Burbank - Raggs Kids Club Band,"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" the Movie for 20th Century Fox - Blu the Dolphin - Li'l Horrors - Australia's Deck Dogz, Changi, Backberner, HBO's infamous Sex & The City & Six Feet Under to name a few!